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Did you know aging seniors are more vulnerable to loneliness and isolation than other age groups? Yes, you read it right. Seniors who live on their own are more susceptible to social isolation, which gradually cause a decline in their physical and mental health. There are several reasons why the majority of seniors face loneliness and isolation. Most seniors become socially inactive after the passing of their spouse; a decline in mobility is another major reason.

Plus, difficulty in adopting the new technology makes it tough to connect with your loved one living in another city or state via social media. That’s why family caregivers must consider getting home care and companion care services in Illinois for their senior loved ones.

All About Companion Care

Companion care is a special type of in-home care designed to assist seniors in a wide range of challenges they face in old age, including isolation. Non-medical home care services in Illinois also include companion care that involves assessing the physical, emotional, and social needs of your senior loved ones and creating a plan catering to those needs. The idea of companion care is to make the golden years of aging seniors more rewarding and enjoyable. If you are considering getting home care and companion care services in Illinois, consider these four benefits.

  • Assistance with Daily Tasks

Apart from offering personalized assistance with basic household chores, the job of companion caregivers is to prevent seniors from going into a state of isolation. They sit with your senior loved one and participate in their favorite game or hobby, keeping them cheerful and motivated.

  • Sense of Security

Seniors with mobility issues often feel embarrassed while using wheelchairs, walkers, etc., and choose to stay socially isolated. A companion caregiver offers necessary assistance with these tasks, giving seniors a sense of security and encouraging them to continue their social activities.

  • Peace of Mind

Taking care of a senior loved one can be complicated, especially when you have a full-time job and family responsibilities. Opting for companionship services offers a sigh of relief that the safety of your hand is in safe hands when they are not around.

  • Independence

The feeling of not being able to drive a car, attend social events, or perform their favorite pastime activities can be depressing for seniors. This assistance from companion caregivers allows them to participate in each of their favorite activities, making them feel supported and enriched.